Practical insights

Epsilon’s membership has a unique window into what the market needs, fueling a bottom-up, sector driven investing approach. We focus on moving behind high-level ideas and buzz words to practical, on the ground solutions that deliver real value.

Market fit

With most American healthcare delivered by regional systems that look just like Epsilon’s members, we can work closely with you to refine your product and strategic fit to ensure you can best serve this market.

True partnerships

Epsilon’s team, advisors, and consortium are committed to taking a hands-on approach to growing portfolio companies. The Epsilon team and our member systems will take the time to think through how to position portfolio companies for success. Using this, we will make thoughtful introductions to senior decision makers that position investments for growth and success.

Enhanced visibility

Our teams’ experience as policy makers, investors, and customers provides us unique insight into the ever changing landscape of US healthcare. Whether it is a sweeping national change or an on the ground operational tweak, we will work carefully to ensure you have visibility into what comes next, and are building capabilities for tomorrow as well as today.


Epsilon’s investing approach focuses on identifying talented teams with market changing solutions. We believe in helping to put in place the conditions to ensure you succeed, and giving you the tools to do so.

Growth partners

Our team has a long track record of successfully growing healthcare companies. We will work closely with you on strategic planning, annual budgets, and product design. Whether it is big picture goal setting or end user feedback, we will help ensure you have what you need to succeed.

Our teams’ long track records allow us to get you in front of the right decision makers, at the right time, with the right product.

Growth capital

We will work closely with you when we invest to identify the path to cashflow break even. While we generally prefer to have a clear path to break even with our initial investment, we can provide further growth capital to support strategic initiatives, product development, or addon acquisitions. Additionally, we can work closely with you to optimize your capital structure, including helping with lender financings.

Acquisition assistance

We can play an active role in assisting portfolio companies with identifying, financing, and closing add-on acquisitions to grow market share, add capabilities, and acquire key IP.