The Epsilon consortium focuses on investments that can deliver tangible results to our members. We focus on companies that make a tangible impact on day-to-day workflows. This includes opportunities that improve existing processes, add new capabilities, and disrupt or rethink the status quo.

Translating slogans into actual change

Epsilon takes a research-driven, thematic approach to investing. We work closely with our member systems to identify their pain points and objectives, and find solutions that enable meaningful change and drive results to their operations.

On the ground impact

By starting from defined strategic priorities, we are able to identify companies that combine strong teams and vision with the product/market fit that translates into real impact, today. The Epsilon consortium seeks to partner closely with companies to drive real change in how health care is delivered.

Focused on bridging the gap between innovation and results

Flexible investment mandate

Epsilon takes a flexible, research driven investment approach. We invest thematically, with a focus on businesses driving clear value to healthcare.

Our focus includes opportunities that improve patient outcomes, drive efficiency, or add new capabilities to our member systems.

We focus on a clear strategic fit between our members and investments, and can invest at all stages of business maturity. We partner with and focus on helping grow companies that help our systems better meet their missions.

The Epsilon team and member systems aim to be true growth partners to our portfolio companies.

Investment criteria


  • Revenue positive to $10m EBITDA
  • Pre-revenue opportunities may be appropriate on an opportunistic basis


  • Flexible; will consider both minority and control positions

Equity Check

  • $2 - $8 million in initial equity per opportunity


  • US focus
  • International investments may be appropriate if there is significant US revenue


  • Services
  • Digital health


  • Epsilon can lead, co-lead, and invest as part of a syndicate.
  • We welcome the opportunity to work with other funds committed to portfolio company success and growth.